Available from our Distribution Partners:

  • SmartControl3

    SSC-W003I – Savant Smart Control 3

    The SmartControl 3 wireless controller features three IR control ports.  It enables wireless communication between Savant Control Systems and any equipment that is controllable using basic IR commands.

  • SmartControl2

    SSC-W002G – Savant SmartControl 2

    The SmartControl 2 wireless controller features one relay and one general purpose input/output port.  It provides a Wi-Fi control interface for remote devices and other relay/contact closure controlled devices.

  • SmartControl25

    SSC-P025 – Savant SmartControl 25

    SmartControl 25 is a (PoE)-enabled controller blending popular and common control formats (Serial, IR, Relay, GPIO and IP). Pairing the SSC-P025 with a Savant Host Controller provides cost-effective, entry-level control.

  • SmartControl14

    SSC-0014 – Savant SmartControl 14

    SmartControl 14, part of the SmartControl family, provides control, automation, and expansion of third-party devices. Pairing SmartControl 14 with  Savant Smart Host provides cost-effective, entry-level wired control for remote devices.

  • SmartControl12

    SSC-0012 – Savant SmartControl 12

    SmartControl 12 is part of the SmartControl family providing control, automation and expansion of third-party devices.  Pairing the SmartControl 12 with a Savant Smart Host provides cost-effective, entry-level wired control.

  • Savant Audio Suite

    SSA-PKG8 – 8-Zone Distributed Audio Suite

    Savant 8-Zone Audio Suite features a new unified media server and amplifier, allowing users to automatically save/control their music.  (12-Room SmartAudio, SmartMedia Server Single Stream and 8-Room Digital Amplifier)

  • Savant Audio Suite

    SSA-PKG4 – 4-Zone Distributed Audio Suite

    Savant 4-Zone Audio Suite features a new unified media server and amplifier, allowing users to automatically save/control their favorite music.  (4-Room SmartAudio, SmartMedia Server Single Stream, 4-Room Digital Amplifier)

  • SmartViewTiling

    SmartView Tiling

    Savant’s SmartView Video Tiling enables users to select from up to 24 media sources, streaming HD content on up to 9 tiles all on a single display.

  • SavantAppAndroid

    Savant App

    The Savant App gives end–users the ability to personalize their own experience by creating additional scenes saving energy, time, money, and crafting a completely unique experience for each user.

  • truecontrol

    TrueControl App

    Savant’s TrueControl II app is a tool kit for creating customized experiences for the end-user delivered and designed by the integrator. This allows excellent control and automation of multiple systems.

  • EDGE-OTO4K-CS (HiRes without Text)

    EDGE by Leon Speakers

    Leon’s EDGE is a custom A/V solution with the finished look of a sleek Media Frame. Each EDGE is hand-built to house any display and Leon’s ultra-thin soundbar, concealing the [...]

  • Cinema-One-Movie-Covers-Hunger-Games

    Kaleidescape – Cinema One

    Cinema One is simply the best movie player you can buy. It combines pristine picture quality with high-fidelity sound to transform your living room into the ultimate home theater.