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  • belcanto-product

    Bel Canto

    Please visit our website, www.belcantodesign.com for our complete product line and information.

  • SurgeX-XR115_angled-large

    Surgex XR115

    XR115 Protect your home theater system like the professionals and major sports venues. The XR115 is the ideal solution for home theaters to eliminate surges and transients that can degrade AV system performance.

  • SurgeX-XU115_angled-large

    SurgeX XU115

    XU115 With the XU115 UPS, you’ll gain uninterrupted performance during a brownout, blackout, surge, or power failure, and a sophisticated web browser-based interface to manage power settings and diagnostics, monitor multiple units, and schedule shutdowns and restarts.  

  • SurgeX-CX18_front-large

    SurgeX XC18

    XC18 With SurgeX Space Savers your power cable configuration will be easier to access and will enable you to eliminate the hassle of installing custom length power cords required by large racks.  

  • Landscape

    Sonance Landscape Series

    Sonance Landscape Series uses strategically placed “satellite” speakers that are hidden within garden beds or amongst the foliage of trees. A subwoofer enclosure is then buried under ground or within shrubs, with just an earth-colored hood dispersing sound perfectly. It’s all about blending discreetly into the surroundings

  • Cinema

    Sonance Cinema Living Series

    Cinema Living delivers the highest quality acoustic performance with minimal visual intrusion. Sonance has developed a range of Cinema Living speakers for any installation, including walls, ceilings, and even on shelves or in entertainment furniture.

  • Invisible Series

    Sonance Invisible Series

    Invisible Series speakers will outfit any room or space with sound without creating clutter, distractions or disruptions to the interior design. These speakers vanish into your room design, delivering ambient music that emanates directly from walls and ceilings.

  • Architectural Series

    Sonance Architectural Series

    Sonance Architectural Series is the first perfectly flush, completely trimless in-wall and in-ceiling speaker line which precisely align with the surrounding surface to seamlessly integrate our legendary sound quality into your unique design vision.

  • Visual Performance

    Sonance Visual Performance

    Sonance Visual Performance Series speakers combine elegant, modern style with outstanding audio performance. New micro-trim grilles have only 0.20” of trim, giving these speakers a clean, sleek appearance that seamlessly integrates into any designed space.

  • hinginator

    CDGi – the Hinginator

    The new CDGiPro SR7 series hinged rack frame for structured wire enclosures make running structured wiring and trimming it at the head end simple and cost effective. Designed to provide a central distribution point between a structured cabling enclosure and an equipment rack, the Hinginator brings all low voltage distribution together in one organized place.

  • integra-DTR-80.3_FR

    Integra DTR 80.3

    The DTR-80.3 9.2-Channel THX® Ultra2™ Plus Certified Network A/V Receiver – For discerning buyers unwilling to compromise on power, processing, and connectivity, Integra offers its magnificent DTR-80.3. Reference-level specification and audiophile build quality put this potent receiver in a class of its own.

  • DTR-70.3_FR

    Integra DTR 70.3

    The DTR-70.3 9.2-Channel THX® Ultra2 Plus™ Certi¬fied Network A/V Receiver – Intelligent. Powerful. Precise. The 9.2-channel DTR-70.3′s seamlessly integrated features, state-of-the-art audio-visual processing, and profusion of connectivity options deliver ovation-worthy performances every time.

  • integra-DBS-50.3_FR

    Integra DBS 50.3

    The THX-certified DTR-50.3 revels in its role as master of ceremonies in your home theater. With its cutting-edge processing and networking power, abundant connections, and refined build quality, it guarantees a flawless performance every time.

  • integra-DTR-40.3_FR

    Integra DTR 40.3

    The latest connections? Check. Sophisticated audio networking? Check. Advanced processing and room-correction? Check, check. The THX-certified DTR-40.3 gives you all this and more, precision-crafted with classic Integra build quality.

  • integra-DBS-30.3_FR

    Integra DBS 30.3

    For music and movie lovers seeking pure A/V quality, the versatile THX-certified DTR-30.3 is a mouthwatering prospect. Sophisticated audio and video processing are complemented by superb home-network functionality.

  • integra-DTR-20.3_FR

    Integra DTR 20.3

    The DTR-20.3′s THX® Select2 Plus™ certification guarantees a thrilling, room-filling A/V performance. User-focused features include advanced network functionality that brings internet and PC audio into your entertainment space.

  • integra-DTA-70.1_FR

    Integra DTA 70.1

    The THX-certified DTA 70.1 nine channel power amplifier has 150 watts per channel, balanced in and outputs with XLR connectivity.

  • integra-DHC-80.3_FR

    Integra DHC 80.3

    9.2-Channel THX® Ultra2 Plus™ Certi­fied Network A/V Controller- Like you, Integra’s design engineers are passionate about precision audio-visual equipment. If everything on your pre-pro wish list is included in our stunning DHC-80.3 network controller, well, great minds think alike.

  • integra-DBS-50.3_FR

    Integra DBS-50.3

    Integra’s flagship THX® Blu-ray player is more than a stylish 3D-ready disc-spinner, it’s a total entertainment delivery system. Hook up to video-on-demand, stream your media library via a local network and enjoy spectacular performance play after play.