Integra is a premium line of audio video components produced with a very unique mission: to design and create components that are system integrateable, upgradeable, and multi-zone expandable, but most importantly components that home theater enthusiasts will love.

Our mission is unique: In addition to building components that home theater enthusiasts love, we’re also out to design and create components that set new standards for system integration, upgrade capability and multi-zone expansion. So to say that Integra is a premium audio video line is an understatement-world-class components are our lives.

How do they do this?

By assembling a team of the finest audio engineers and designers, supplying them with the finest test and measurement equipment, and, to match this expertise, using only the finest parts available.
Then, couple this with exacting manufacturing standards, and painstaking construction in ISO 9001 certified facilities. And finally: access the vast technical resources of a parent company with a proud heritage of over 50 years of audio engineering excellence. In addition, Integra components share a common feature package which includes gold plated input/output jacks, RS-232 ports, detachable heavy guage power cords, and 12-Volt triggers. These features make them unique, and exceptional for custom installation and systemization

Featured Products from Integra

  • integra-DTR-80.3_FR

    Integra DTR 80.3

    The DTR-80.3 9.2-Channel THX® Ultra2™ Plus Certified Network A/V Receiver – For discerning buyers unwilling to compromise on power, processing, and connectivity, Integra offers its magnificent DTR-80.3. Reference-level specification and audiophile build quality put this potent receiver in a class of its own.

  • DTR-70.3_FR

    Integra DTR 70.3

    The DTR-70.3 9.2-Channel THX® Ultra2 Plus™ Certi¬fied Network A/V Receiver – Intelligent. Powerful. Precise. The 9.2-channel DTR-70.3′s seamlessly integrated features, state-of-the-art audio-visual processing, and profusion of connectivity options deliver ovation-worthy performances every time.

  • integra-DBS-50.3_FR

    Integra DBS 50.3

    The THX-certified DTR-50.3 revels in its role as master of ceremonies in your home theater. With its cutting-edge processing and networking power, abundant connections, and refined build quality, it guarantees a flawless performance every time.

  • integra-DTR-40.3_FR

    Integra DTR 40.3

    The latest connections? Check. Sophisticated audio networking? Check. Advanced processing and room-correction? Check, check. The THX-certified DTR-40.3 gives you all this and more, precision-crafted with classic Integra build quality.

  • integra-DBS-30.3_FR

    Integra DBS 30.3

    For music and movie lovers seeking pure A/V quality, the versatile THX-certified DTR-30.3 is a mouthwatering prospect. Sophisticated audio and video processing are complemented by superb home-network functionality.

  • integra-DTR-20.3_FR

    Integra DTR 20.3

    The DTR-20.3′s THX® Select2 Plus™ certification guarantees a thrilling, room-filling A/V performance. User-focused features include advanced network functionality that brings internet and PC audio into your entertainment space.

  • integra-DTA-70.1_FR

    Integra DTA 70.1

    The THX-certified DTA 70.1 nine channel power amplifier has 150 watts per channel, balanced in and outputs with XLR connectivity.

  • integra-DHC-80.3_FR

    Integra DHC 80.3

    9.2-Channel THX® Ultra2 Plus™ Certi­fied Network A/V Controller- Like you, Integra’s design engineers are passionate about precision audio-visual equipment. If everything on your pre-pro wish list is included in our stunning DHC-80.3 network controller, well, great minds think alike.

  • integra-DBS-50.3_FR

    Integra DBS-50.3

    Integra’s flagship THX® Blu-ray player is more than a stylish 3D-ready disc-spinner, it’s a total entertainment delivery system. Hook up to video-on-demand, stream your media library via a local network and enjoy spectacular performance play after play.

  • integra-DBS-30.3_FR

    Integra DBS-30.3

    Versatility is the keyword for the superbly engineered DBS-30.3. Not only does it support 3D video and a huge array of other A/V formats on a variety of disc types, it also puts popular Video on Demand services at your fingertips.