SurgeX is the leading manufacturer of premium AC power conditioning products for the professional and residential audio, video, and multi-media marketplace. Our patented technology is built exclusively to properly protect ProAV and home theater equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can disrupt sound quality and digital performance.

SurgeX offers a complete line of AC power solutions for protection, power conditioning, and control of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, especially today’s DSP- and microprocessor-based equipment. SurgeX products are designed to suit every application and are offered in stand-alone, rack-mount, and NEMA enclosures.

In addition to producing the most effective power conditioning products, SurgeX offers the most comprehensive applications support available. Through key relationships with other industry experts, we have become a source of knowledge and assistance for all AC power and grounding issues, not just surge elimination and power conditioning. Our senior staff are all SynAudCon graduates with extensive experience in the professional audio/video industry. Additionally, our chief engineer is a member of the InfoComm Faculty, a full member of the Audio Engineering Society and a member of the AES Standards Committee Working Group on Electromagnetic Compatibility. SurgeX is also a proud sponsor of SynAudCon, and a member of AES, NSCA and InfoComm.

Based in the USA, SurgeX is a privately held division of Electronic Systems Protection, Inc. which develops and manufactures products at its headquarters in Zebulon, North Carolina.

Featured Products from SurgeX

  • SurgeX-SX-AX15E-with-Screenshot

    SurgeX SX-AX15E

    SX-AX15E Axess Elite brings a new level of connected sophistication to power management. Our IP addressable, surge elimination and power conditioning management system protects, monitors, and controls power distribution platforms [...]

  • SurgeX-XR315_angled-large


    XR315 The XR315 is the premier residential AV power protection product in the market that eliminates surges and transients that can degrade AV system performance.

  • SurgeX-XR115_angled-large

    SurgeX XR115

    XR115 Protect your home theater system like the professionals and major sports venues. For straightforward, surge elimination and noise removal, the XR115 is the answer.

  • SurgeX-SX-DS-154-single-view2

    SurgeX SX-DS-154

    SX-DS-154 The SurgeX MultiPak is the premier choice to safeguard multi-panel digital displays from the dangers associated with power disturbances. It is completely non-sacrificial and never requires reset, even after [...]

  • SurgeX-SA-82_angled-large

    SurgeX SA-82

    SA-82 The SurgeX SA-82 is the premium protection solution specially designed to mount to the back of flat panels and projectors and is rated for in-wall/ceiling use.